The clash between Iffat Omer and Khalil ur Rehman


Recently we have seen a controversy of Khalil ur Rehman who said that women should also rape men if they want equality. On this controversial statement, many actors spoke up against him. Iffat Omer also didn’t stay behind. She had an interview in which the host asked her about her thoughts on Khalil ur Rehman statement. She replied that she disagrees with Khalil ur Rehman Qamar. Iffat further said “listening to him was a punishment.”

Furthermore, Iffat Omer also added that no matter what happens, one should not joke about this sensitive issue of rape. She also gave this view that she likes his writing and scripts. This is so because she said, “I’m shocked that someone with such a mentality can write so well.”

As she has been against Qamar since now, so she also disliked his project of film “kaaf kangna”. On the question about the film, she said “he wasted ISPR and taxpayer’s money on the film since it was “utterly a waste”. Moreover, she demanded a ban on him by Inter-Services Public Relations.

The controversy began when Khalil gave the explanation about his drama “Mere pass tum ho”. He said that a girl has the power to say no which a man does not have. He said that he is the biggest feminist. If women demand equality, they should retaliatory rape men.

On his remarks, he faced backlash from numerous stars. Iffat Omer said,

Similarly, Osman Khalid Butt also agreed with Iffat saying,

Additionally, she clarifies the concept of feminism. It’s not that if someone hits you, you should hit him back. It’s about not hitting anyone in the first place.

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