Pitthu Garam is a sport that a lot of us used to play in their childhood where one has to hit a small sack of blocks (wood or even stones) from distance. Opponents have to hit you back with the same ball and you have to save yourself from being hit and build that sack again.

This means Pitthu Garam has the elements of striking at the right spot, confronting and avoiding the backlash from the opponents and raising the bar again and celebrating the sporting victory.

This will primarily be a platform comprised of entertainment and education both, through textual, audio and visual content.

“Pitthu Garam” is a project of FILMI Productions (Pvt.) Limited.


This platform is all about striking at the right spot and re-shaping the structure which we mean highlighting the social issues, generating a meaningful debate in the society and resulting in a positive change in behaviors and attitudes.

Founders of this platform envision togetherness, peace, and love through our culture, performing arts and literature blend with the modern tools and necessary add-ons to make it a place for everyone to benefit from.