Damsa will breake the stereotype of child trafficking!


There are so many serious issues prevailing in our society. These issues are serious enough to be discussed and talked about, but we consider them a taboo to talk about. This is the reason that these issues never stop. Child trafficking is one of them. The trafficking of children means the trade of children for slavery, forced labor or other exploitation. The International Labour Organization (ILO) says that an approximate 1.2 million children are trafficked every year. This is a big number. We let the lives of 1. A million children destroy due to our comfort. We don’t want to talk about the issue then how can we resolve it?

However, our drama industry is now taking the lead. It’s talking about so many issues that were considered taboo. They create awareness among people. Another drama is just about to come which is titled “Damsa”. Its story revolves around the problem of child trafficking. Nadia Jameel will star in the drama. Najaf Bilgrami will direct the beautifully written story by Asma Nabeel.

Here is the teaser of the drama, Damsa.

About the drama, the actor told that it will tell the dark reality of marriages, children and child trafficking. She said “Areeja is a nurse, a simple woman whose universe is her family. Until an incident changes her world around. The transformation she goes through in looking for her daughter and the determination and perseverance she discovers in herself is quite inspiring. Being a mother and how loving someone the way Areeja loves Damsa can change a person. It’s the kind of love that puts everything else at risk… Quite amazing.”

Nadia Jameel said that her experience of this drama was fabulous. Also, she is famous for speaking about social issues regarding children in society. she worked in the drama “mujhe jeene do” which was about early marriages.

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