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Dawn News Receiving the Criticism : Indian agenda?


Dawn News is facing backlash and undoubtedly trying to cover up. Dawn news was trending a day earlier and for all the wrong reasons. Twitter users were quick to trend the hashtag #BoycottIndianDawn after the newspaper allegedly published scandalous news information.

Dawn is Pakistan’s oldest, leading and most widely read English-language newspaper. It is one of the country’s three largest English-language dailies. It is the flagship of the Dawn Group of Newspapers. Pakistan Herald Publications is responsible for the publication of DAWN.

The media outlet released a piece of news regarding a recent terrorist attack in London. The headlines made quite a roar as the media outlet clearly stated that the terrorist was of Pakistani ethnicity.

Screen grab of the scandalous news.

SOURCE: Dawn News

The linkage was made when none of the concerned departments released any kind of related information. Furthermore, the authorities denied that his radicalism was coming from his Pakistani origin.


Indian Media Outlets took the chance once again and started propagating the news along with enough Pakistan referral to make Pakistan look like a radical nation.

News article/NDTV

Source: screengrab/ NDTV


The news spread like a wildfire and people started reacting on the Social Media Platforms and started trending the hashtag, asking people to boycott the news outlet.

Dawn did not change the title nor did it clarify its stance. later the online portal of the news shared a story covering the social media trends and tried to imply that the trends are fake and unauthentic. The report was quite long but the timing of publication was quite meaningful considering the hashtag against the outlet.

People linked the news with unethical journalism and reacted immensely. Twitter had not shown this kind of reaction to journalism for the first time. Earlier, we have also reported the criticism journalists and Hamid Mir faced due to some statements.

article on twitter trends

Source: Screengrab / DAWN NEWS

We have always advocated freedom of expression but made it clear that Social Responsibility is much important than the freedom of expression.


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