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Culture is the characteristics of group of people which surround social behaviors including norms and values. The elements in culture include art, music, language, beliefs, dressing, food and others. Every country has a different culture. Everyone wants to promote their culture or pass down to the next generation so that they could preserve the culture. This happens through films, books, dramas or music. Here, we will talk about music.

The coordination of sounds in an order is called music. We create songs by writing words in a proper manner, composing the background sounds and putting them to a proper beat. Pitch, melody, rhythm, dynamics, timbre and texture are all the terms related to music. However, different types of music can use all these elements differently. Some may emphasize on one and de-emphasize the other. others may omit any element. Pitch can be explained as the frequency or intensity of sound to be higher or lower.

The harmony is created when the pitches are played together at the same time. The rhythm of music means to arrange the sounds and silences in an order to create a soothing effect. We play music through different musical instruments. These instruments include guitar, harmonium, table, drum, piano, violin, flute, banjo, sitar, table and many more. While discussing the music in detail one can never forget the genres of music. There are many different genres of music and every singer has a different genre in which he/she has the expertise.

Music theater is one of the genre in which we combine the songs, acting and dance. It can also be termed as opera. Jazz is another music genre which originated in the region of United States in late 19th and early 20th century. Hip hop music is also termed as rap music. It was created in the areas of New York in America in 1970s. it can also border beat boxing, break dance and Djing.

Rock music is a “rock n roll” kind of genre originated in America in 1950s. this genre was inspired by the sounds of electric blues guitarists. Folk music is the traditional music which recently originated in 20th century. It revived the traditional aspects of culture. The classical music is also considered the traditional music to highlight the real art. Another important genre of music is disco. It is the dance music emerged in 1970s.

Here we are to analyze the music we got in the year 2019. This year, we saw the comeback of some good singers. But we hardly heard some good music. Some singers remade the old songs. This year, we had the musical platforms including coke studio, Nescafe basement and Pepsi battle of the bands. Other than this, we have the songs incorporated in the film made this year. Also, some singers released their albums and singles in 2019. Let’s discuss the music made in 2019.

Coke studio is a Pakistani TV program. It gives a chance to established and emerging musicians to showcase their talent. Also, the show includes all the genres of music including classic, folk, sufi, qawwali and bhangra. Moreover, the show also promotes the variation of culture in the country by inviting the artists from different regions and ethnicity. The show was originally originated in 2007 by the company “Coca cola” in Brazil. However, the member of vital signs, Rohail Hayat gave the concept and launched the Pakistani version of Coke studio.  It has 12 seasons till now. This year, we had the 12th season with 6 episodes.

The first episode gave us beautiful songs like “Maahi diyan jhokan, Ram Pam and Dam mastam”. Barkat Jamal Fakir Troupe has sung this song. It talks about the love we develop for God, the Divine love. The vocalist of song says “This is not a matter of worldly love. We are talking of the love of the Divine. That is the purpose of the Sufi. They disguise messages of Divine love through stories of Ranjha, of Sassi, of worldly love”.

Zoe Viccaji & Shahab Hussain sung a song “Ram Pam”. It’s a love song and a melodious one. However, Sahir Ali Bagga, the songwriter has created this song. While thinking the lyrics he had a beautiful thought. He said “You can be happy, but you don’t have to be dancing around like crazy, you can just be chilled out and funny with it”.

Another song “Dam Mastam” is beautifully sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. The song is about dhamaal, peer o murshid and being mast. Dam Mastam means a selfless celebration of Maula Ali and his devout follower Shahbaz Qalandar, a saint from another era who was himself known for worshipping in a state of raqs. Rahat’s cousin, Javed Ali Khan wrote the lyrics. He said “The saints who passed before us, whose messages and poetry we still read today, possessed such purity of spirit that they were able to directly witness the Divine and write about it. We can only imagine it and express it in our words”.

A song “Roshe” is inspired by the poetry of Habba Khatoon. With this inspiration, Mahjoor wrote a poem similar to this. It has the stories of Kashmir. While writing the story of Kashmir, Habba Khatoon set new standards of poetry. Zeb Bangash took the stage on set at Coke Studio’s Season 12 and sang the poetry in her nightingale voice.

Shuja Haider & Rachel Viccaji sang a beautiful song “Sayiyaan” describing the stories of our folks like sassi punno, anarkali and others. It can be called a tribute to our old singers. Shuja Haider said “We should try to sing like the great musicians and singers that have worked before us, but we shouldn’t sing what is theirs. I can’t sing like Mehdi Hassan, can’t sing like Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. I can sing like Shuja Haider”. Moreover, Rachel is not a Punjabi, she had a lot of difficulty in singing a Punjabi song. However, she has completely done justice with the song.

Abrar ul haq gave a “Remake of billo” once again. “Billo” has everything including bhangra, rap, beautiful lyrics and fun. Abrar talked about the song saying “My life completely changed because of this song I was teaching at Aitchison College and I had other plans, of perhaps doing something in the CSS (Central Superior Service). This song made me famous overnight! So naturally, I had to come into this field”. However, the song had copyright claims due to which YouTube removed the song.

Atif Aslam, a well-known singer of Pakistan has sung a beautiful song in coke studio “Mubarik mubarik”. The song expresses love and happiness for the bride and groom. Atif says about the song, “This is my favourite composition of the season, and when I heard it, I immediately said I have to do this. I think this is an instinct that one has that says, ‘I want this, I want to do this and I think I can add value to it”.

Sahir Ali Bagga and Aima Baig sang a beautiful love song saying that we both are for each other and we will never deceive. Sahir says “The voice is the character of the song. If the song doesn’t get its character, its incomplete”.

Another good song from Pepsi battle of the bands was sung by Meesha Shafi in the grand finale of the show. The melodious song can make the listeners feel the love.

Ansu by “auj” was another good song. “Teri Yaad” by Ali Khan in the latest season of Nescafe basement was beautiful. It is a love song incorporated with emotions.

This year, we had the new songs from the films released this year. Let’s have a quick glance on them too. ‘Bekaraan’ is the beautiful love song sung by Ali Sethi & Zeb Bangash from the film ‘superstar’. Atif Aslam sang “anjana” and “in dinon”. Both songs so soft that one can easily feel their heart out in love. Another song of Shiraz Uppal “Dharak bharak” is a disco or rock music. Everyone wants to dance on the beat of this song.

Hadiqa Kiani along with Harshdeep Kaur sang a Punjabi bhangra song “ik pal” for the film ‘Paray hut love’. The song features the legendary Meera Jee.

Ali Tariq, Harshdeep Kaur sang another song from the same film called “Behka na” this song will make everyone fall in love. The music of this song is given by Azaan Sami Khan. Another dance song is the title track of chhalawa. The musical artists of the song include Aashir Wajahat, Jabar Abbas, Nirmal Roy, Neha Chaudhry.

The singles of this year include many songs. Ali Zafar has released a rendition of Balochi folk song “Laila o Laila”. In the song, he let the young artist, Urooj Fatima, 12 years old to make her debut. In the remake, he has added some pop element in the song.

Abrar ul Haq has released his new song “chamkeeli” featuring Mehwish Hayat and Shahveer Jafery. The song is about the wedding event and shows the happiness of bride and groom. Recently we saw that a petitioner has filed a complaint saying that the song insults men and women.  Similarly, a song “hmesha” is a single given by Uzair Jaswal and Mominah Mustehsan. That’s a beautiful song showing the love of the couple. Mominah has also sung the title track of drama “Alif”. Not only this, Mominah has also collaborated with Bilal Saeed to give us another beautiful single “Baari”.

Sajjad Ali released a beautiful folk song “Allah Hu” for a Ramadan transmission. He released it in April this year and has 805,026 views till now.

additionally, Sajjad ali has released his album Ravi which has the beautiful songs of this year. Here’s the title track.

Our very own singer Farhan Saeed released the title track of the most watched drama of this year “suno chanda 2” this year. Farhan Saeed has a fruity voice. He simply takes the breaths of his listeners away.

“Muje Kaisay Pata Na Chala” is Falak Shabbir’s single with the beautiful lyrics. The song is about showing your feelings to somebody. “Ja bewafa” is another track of Falak. Umair Hassan gave the music for this.

There are much more in the list to go on. Put your headphones on and enjoy.

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