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Family Denies Rumours of Ransom Demand as Per Claimed by Police


Karachi: Dua Nisar Mangi’s family has denied the rumours of any ransom demand for her release. On Thursday police sources have claimed that the kidnappers have demanded $0.25 million dollars as a hefty ransom. As the family denied the rumours, Police has now appealed to citizens to help them locate the missing girl.

Karachi Police has issued a statement appealing to the citizens to share any information related to kidnapping on the Madagar-15 helpline.

Meanwhile, Family of Dua has criticised Sindh Police and the provincial government as they fail to locate the kidnappers. Dua’s family claimed that police is spreading the rumours to divert the attention from the protests. They called it foul tactics by the police to cover up the authorities’ failure.

Advocate Keenjhar Sindhu, a cousin of Dua, has claimed that the police and government have performed poorly. She claimed, “It is fake news and mental torture for the family.” Furthermore, she informed that both Dua’s parents are in trauma and are waiting for her safe recovery. Additionally, she stated that the mother of Dua is unable to eat and sleep properly as she awaits the arrest of kidnappers.

Sindhu said that four kidnappers abducted her cousin from one of the most secure areas of the city. However, the police have failed miserably in solving the case and did not locate the culprits even after so many days. She accused that police is not serious in pursuing the case or Dua’s recovery.


Previously, Dua’s family had demonstrated a protest at Teen Talwar on Tuesday.  Many civil society activists, political figures, students, lawyers and journalists have participated in the demonstrations. The protesters called off the protest after three hours. They warned the police and provincial government to recover abducted girl within 48 hours. They also announced that a protest will be staged out the Chief Minister House id authorities failed to do so.





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