Fawad Khan Takes Initiative To Promote Aspiring Writers

Fawad Khan

Pakistani actor and screenwriter, Fawad Khan has taken up an initiative to launch “The next big story”. This is to aspire the young writers. For the launch of this initiative, he organized a panel discussion in which many actors discussed. The include Mahira Khan, Humayun Saeed and Ahmad Ali Butt. The session happened at Lahore in which the leading actors, directors and writers from Pakistani industry emphasized on the importance of a good script or idea. Many students of TV and film degrees from different universities including LUMS, NCA and BNU attended the session.

Fawad Khan said “A good story is the flesh and bones behind a great film as the backbone of every film or a drama is a good story.” According to him, our dramas or films can’t be successful without a good story. That completely makes sense. Moreover, the superstar actress Mahira Khan said on the occasion that before signing any drama, she only sees that whether this script suits her or not. She does not know that this script will be a hit or not. Also, she thinks that in a drama, the writer has more margin to express story as there is 25 episodes in drama.

Moreover, Ahmad Ali Butt said that he used to ignore the script, he just wanted to do a film so he signs any. But lately, he has started paying attention to the importance of script. He told that he rejected 4 films just because of a weak script. Advising the young students, he said that we need to understand our culture and heritage to produce good stuff.

Humayun Saeed was of the view that if we know that script is weak, then we try to compliment it with good cast and good direction. In the end, Fawad Khan thanked Pepsi for cooperating for this initiative.

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