Imran Ashraf is appointed as ‘Ilmbassador’ British Council Pakistan 2020


Pakistani actor Imran Ashraf has been appointed as ambassador for 2020 ilmpossible initiative of British Council Pakistan. The ambassadorship is termed as “Ilmbassador”.  Imran Ashraf has announced the news on his Instagram. He said that he looks forward to support and achieve the goal of the council to teach the kids. This program of British Council focuses on kids from age 5 to 11 who don’t go to school. Ilmpossible works to educate those children all across Pakistan.

The British council Pakistan has also announced Imran Ashraf to be its part. Their Instagram post says “Welcome onboard Mr. Imran Ashraf Awan our new ILMBASSADOR. With your help and support we hope to accomplish our goals for the year 2020”.

However, Imran Ashraf has replied to this honour as “Honoured and overwhelmed to be the ILMbassador for ILMpossible and British Council Pakistan. I look forward to be a valuable support in achieving ILMpossible’s goals for 2020 as we aim to provide education for the underprivileged children for a brighter future of our country”. The beautiful “Alif” actress, Kubra Khan was Ilmbassador last year.

Imran Ashraf is a well-known Pakistani actress who has won the hearts of people through his exceptional character in the drama “Ranjha ranjha kardi” as “Bhoola”. He got an award for this outstanding performance. He has a positive personality as we have seen him many a time speaking in favor of humanity and forgiving people. Imran Ashraf always accepts criticism and gives himself a room for improvement.

The British council’s ilmpossible program is about enrolling and teaching the kid to school who do not go to school. The program abbreviates as (TACS) meaning ‘take a child to school’. It focuses on the kids between age 5 to 11. Also, it was co-founded by ‘Educate a child’. ‘Educate a child’ was an initiative of ‘Education above all’ by Qatar. It works as an interactive session where youth are trained to identify, convince and enroll the kids in school.

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