It was a staged story, says Ali Rehman


It happened as we guessed. People were actually too quick to judge. Recently, we saw a video gone viral on the internet in which Parchi actor, Ali Rehman was bashing at an employee of McDonald’s at the food counter. People took it very wrong and actually started belittling Ali Rehman. Everyone suggested him to have a heart. People said that he does not have ethics and manners to talk to some employees and all that.

However, it came out to be what we thought, we wrote in our previous article not to judge him without knowing the entire story.

Let’s not be judgmental to Ali Rehman’s misconduct

Ali Rehman used his social media accounts to reveal the secret of history. He said in a video that it all was staged. They were trying to point out the “Pata hai main kon hu” culture. He said that we wanted this video to be viral and it worked. Also, he said that I was expecting this that people would bash me. And it happened so. I’m happy that our people take such misbehaviors very seriously. It was a social experiment and I wanted you all to know that this should not be done in our society.

Furthermore, he said that we have a lot of inequality between rich and poor and the so-called VIP culture is destroying us as humans. So, I wanted to speak against this through a social experiment.

Also, he said that he didn’t mind that people bashed on him. He said “I’m really happy to see that you all raised your voice against it as well and spoke up. That you guys highlighted the issue.”

In order to add a prove to this, McDonald’s also shared a blooper video clip while rehearing this skit.

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