ARY’s “Jhooti” is an example of a bad drama


Few months back we were happy because our production houses began to make good dramas. I.e. The dramas which tend to make the society better and change the thinking patterns of laymen. But this happiness can be termed as “a nine-day wonder” because the channels specially ARY has ruined its image by producing trash dramas these days. “Jhooti” is another example of such dramas. 2 of its promos have been aired on the channel by now. Iqra Aziz, Ahmed Butt and Yasir Hussain are the star cast of drama. Ali Moeen has written the story which received a lot of backlash from people.

The drama “jhooti” has everything worst. the story of the drama says that Iqra is a daughter of poor man, she has lived her entire life as a poor person. Therefore, she does not want to get married to a poor man. But forcefully, she gets married to one. After that, in order to get rid of her poor husband, she begins to play mind games by putting allegations of abuse on her husband on little issues. Here are the things which are wrong with the drama.

Domestic abuse is a joke

In Pakistan, almost every woman suffers from the cases of domestic violence in one way or the other. The number of such cases is increasing with every passing day. In 2018, Pakistan was ranked sixth on the list of most dangerous country for women. Also, the media reports reported more than 51,241 cases of violence against women between 2011 and 2017. Surely, this number has increased by now. The facts show that domestic abuse is very real and common in Pakistan. A lot of women in Pakistan bear the domestic abuse either from husband or from parents in law. Also, these victims tell their parents about their sufferings to get rid of them. But the drama “Jhooti” has so easily called all of them liars.

In our country, we already ignore the sufferings of women and tell them to compromise on whatever happens to them. The drama acts as icing on the cake and further demonize them.  it will reinforce the blame people put on victims of domestic violence. Not only this, it will give justification to those who actually abuse women. When the women will react on being abused by their husband, father or brother, the abusers will easily be able to say “dekha, jhoot bol rahi hy”.

Here, the daughters in law are taunted and abused because of dowry, they are burnt alive, they are forced to get raped, abusers throw acid on them, beat them, kick them out of their house and what not. Life is miserable for the women faces such abuse. However, the drama adds to the misery of these women. This is how this drama of ARY takes the real issue of domestic abuse as a joke.

Forced marriages, big deal??

The drama “Jhooti” showcases the issue of forced marriage as well. In every religion, every country’s law and everywhere, forced marriages are illegal. If a girl or boy disagrees to marry someone, no one should force them to marry that person. This is so because, marriage is completely a matter of mental compatibility. It’s not the matter of a day or two, instead, it’s a matter of entire life of two persons.

If a girl says that she does not want to marry a particular person, we need to understand the psyche and reason behind this. But, we here in Pakistan, simply impose our decision about marriage on our kids saying “good daughters never say no to their parents”. This is a baseless and pointless argument. It should be the sole decision of a girl and boy. Even our religion, Islam gives us the liberty to choose our partner, then who are we to impose our decisions to others!

People never let their girls dream big or aim high. She has the right to think about changing and making her life better. But we, very easily deny her very right. However, the drama might raise a good point in the later episode as well. If a girl has forcefully married to a person she dislikes, even then she shouldn’t use unfair means or lie to get rid of that person. Wrong is always wrong, even if done to get your desires fulfilled.

Strong woman is a bad woman

The drama “jhooti” has not stayed behind to consider a strong woman as a bad woman. We always consider the woman who take stand for them as a bad woman. Why? She has the right to choose for herself and to prevent abuse done on her. For this, she can take stand for herself. There are many dramas, in which the submissive girls never speak up for their rights. Such women are always taken as good women. But, if she is a strong woman and speak up for herself, she can be problematic for everyone’s honor.

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