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Dua Nisar Mangi: Kidnapped and still missing. UPDATED


KARACHI: Some unidentified armed men kidnapped a young woman from Bukhari Commercial area of Defence Housing Authority. Dua Nisar Mangi was walking with her friend Haris Fatah on Saturday evening when a couple of gunmen abducted her.

Source: Facebook/DuaNisar

The gunmen opened fire on Fatah when he showed some resistance, injuring him critically. Abdul Fatah, father of the injures lodged a First Information Report (FIR) at Darakshan Police Station against unidentified men. Police charged the kidnappers with pertaining to kidnap and attempted murder under Sections of the Pakistan Penal Code.

Soon after the social media spread the news and sister of Dua Mangi, Laila Mangi also posted on her facebook account seeking help.

My little sister Dua Nisar Mangi has been kidnapped and is now missing, and I request you all to spread this news as far as you can. If you know anything or any detail about Chai Master Bukhari or any news regarding dua’s hangout in that place please let us know. Its urgent. I want you all to spread this news as possible.

The terrifying act in the city of lights got an immense amount of attention. The public is using social media platforms while trying to help the victim’s family.


Amid all the chaos the responses towards the news have proven the misogynistic mentality of our society. The victim shaming and blaming has reached its peak. A few started scrutinizing the young lady and wondered what she was wearing.

A few Twitter users shared the comments and expressed their disgust upon those comments and asked for help.

The government of Sindh also assured that the authorities are well aware of the case of kidnapped Dua Nisar,  and are doing what they can.

But until when? Why we can’t learn to empathize with the abducted and abused victims and not victim shame them. Dua has been abducted and everybody is fearing the worse and hope that it will not become one of the usual cases we hear on a daily basis.


There have been exhibitions done in order to eliminate the argument that a victim deserves the tragedy because of her dressing. The Centre Communautaire Maritime in Brussels has put up an exhibition that features clothing items worn by victims of rape. Even so, we are failing as a society.

If “Provocative” clothing was indeed the problem, then what about the dress worn by the four-year-old girl. We wouldn’t have had repeated cases of kidnapped and raped infants, minors, or even corpse fully covered in white 6-yard cloth.


Police have failed to make any headway into tracing the whereabouts of the young woman. Moreover, police are seeking help from the unit of the Anti-Violent Crime Cell (AVCC) that specializes in kidnapping cases. Police have now confirmed that there were five kidnappers in the car. The vehicle used was also a stolen one which was snatched on gun points three days ago.



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