Wake up! Makeup or no makeup??


Makeup means to alter yourself. We put on make up to look different or pretty. For this purpose, we apply different cosmetics like lipstick, concealer, foundation and what not. There are different types of makeup users. Here we are to discuss some of them.

Makeup has become one of the social standards of people. If we are not applying makeup we are not from an elite class or we do not look appealing. Do you really think that’s actually the matter? Many among us do makeup and look good only, so they can be liked by people and get the approval of society. Why do we follow such practice? Everyone is beautiful in his own way. You are beautiful, just be yourself. The only thing you need is to know your worth. If someone likes you, he/she should liken you the way you are accepting all your flaws. Why should you hide them under your makeup? We are here to boost up your morale.

The people who do makeup for people have a bad mental health. This is so because they are not satisfied with themselves. That’s why they want to change or beautify themselves through makeup. Not happy by heart and mind is something worst. Our inner happiness is important. If we apply makeup and look good and confident by appearance but not happy inside, it will kill us inside. So we need to accept ourselves. Acceptance let you grow without fear. So what if you have a bad skin or acne marks? There’s nothing in the world which you can’t achieve just because you have acne marks on your face.

Contrary to this, makeup can also improve your mental health if you know that you are just doing a makeover for your own self. You do it because you feel like doing it. In this case it ads on to your confidence.

Therefore, now people are going for more no makeup looks. This look includes no foundation or base but a little tint on your cheeks and lips and that’s it. But still, we live in a liberal and sensible society so we are kind enough to give people the liberty and choice to choose for themselves what they want. If you feel good then go on, if you are just putting makeup to get likes, then don’t!


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