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Judicial Commission on Nimrita Chandani Case has Declared it a Suicide


Sukkur: The judicial commission of the Nimrita Kumari Chandani case has declared it a suicide case. The commission had ruled out the option of murder even though the post-mortem report has clearly stated such.

The Woman Medico-Legal Officer (WMLO), Dr. Amrita, of Chandka Medical College Hospital led the autopsy of Chandani. The reports stated that Nimrita was sexually abused before strangled to death. A DNA test confirmed the presence of male DNA profile indicated from semen residue on the deceased’s clothes whereas a vaginal swab tested positive for a forced sexual act.

autopsy report

The Final Autopsy Report, Source: Twitter

Dr. Chandani was found dead on September 16, 2019, in mysterious circumstances in her hostel room. She was a BDS final year student of Assefa Medical and Dental College, Larkana.
The family of Nimrita Chandani has suspected the foul play as the Vice-Chancellor of the university called it a suicide even before the police. 

“I have seen my sister’s body and all pieces of evidence on it point towards murder,” her brother revealed. Chandan’s brother Dr. Chandarni also denied the claims of the suicide of the first autopsy report as he claimed that the marks on her neck were caused by a cable. He also pointed out the wounds on her arms show that somebody has held her down forcefully.

“Even the fan that she reportedly hung herself from is intact,” Dr. Chandarni, Chandani’s brother.

Later, the case became more controversial when the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) accused the authorities of mishandling the critical evidence. NADRA stated that the fingerprints collected by the police were substandard and were unrecognizable from the online data.
Later the report by Forensic Lab Lahore said that the police delayed the submission unnecessarily. Additionally, the police did not send the sample from the nails of Chandani even though it was critical evidence.
According to sources, the Judicial Commission has despatched a 17-page report to the Sindh Home Department. The commission forwarded the report after 72 days even though it was due within 30 days of the incident. A District and Sessions Judge Larkana headed the commission on the request of the Sindh government. the commission conducted hearings of witnesses including students, teachers, and staff of the College.

The commission also reviewed the police investigations, autopsy reports, and DNA reports. The evidences reviewed included forensic data of Chandani’s cell phone and her laptop and those of the suspects. However, the judicial commission failed to consider the fact that the autopsy report has confirmed that Chandani was a victim of rape. 

Furthermore, it concluded that “Nimrita was under severe stress following the refusal of her marriage proposal by her friend. Owing to severe stress and dejection and frustration, Chandani committed suicide.” Moreover, The judicial panel claimed that it could not detect murder in the case.

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