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PM Reshuffled the Top Bureaucracy in Punjab


ISLAMABAD / LAHORE: The government of Punjab has issued notifications on Friday regarding changes in top bureaucracy. The notification shared on the official twitter account was comprised of six pages of long orders.  The restructuring includes the orders for new recruitments, promotions, and transfer. Islamabad sector has observed 44 reshufflings making it a total of 90 positions changing Punjab.


The decision to restructure the bureaucracy in Punjab was long-awaited as earlier this week Prime Minister Imran Khan had expressed his dissatisfaction with the structure. PM Khan had already directed the provincial government to unhesitantly remove the individuals hindering the performance of the government.

The reshuffling has affected almost the entire top bureaucracy in Punjab. It includes 31 secretaries, eight out of nine commissioners, and 31 deputy commissioners.

Earlier this week PM Imran Khan has also defended the Chief Minister of Punjab Usman Buzdar amid all the criticism he was facing. The restructuring of the bureaucracy is another step Khan took to stabilize the performance of the government.


Administrative officers and political circles are yet again objecting to the reshuffled bureaucracy structure. They argue that reposting an individual on the basis of this will not help much in the long run. Changing the place of posting of an official will not make him a good performer overnight. 

Our country has always witnessed such changes and restructuring of bureaucracy with every new government. Every elected party selects a new team set-up to make progress while governing.

The new set-up helps the government in implementing its policies while making minor or major changes accordingly. The current government made the major changes in the small amount of duration of its tenure that is just 15 months.

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