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Police Rescued Hostage Kids from Their Own Father


PESHAWAR: The police, after a two hours long operation, arrested an addict of ice drug early on Thursday. The accused took their own children hostage after killing wife and mother.

According to the police,  Izat Khan of Chargo Killay also injured his father, daughter, and sister.

Redi Gul, the father of the gunman, told police about the whole ordeal. He recalled how his son came home armed with a pistol and opened fire. his firing caused him a chest injury and killed his wife.

The son later went to another room, firing bullets at his own wife, Nazakat Bibi. the firing caused her fatal injuries. 

The gunman took two children as hostages in a room just after he injured his sister and an eight-year-old daughter.

The police rushed to the crime scene and rescued the kids after two long hours.

SP (rural circle) Ali bin Tariq said the gunman refused to speak to the police instead started firing from the room. The police constantly made efforts to reconcile with the shooter.

“It was a big challenge to arrest him while making sure to rescue the children unharmed, as he had already killed two people,” the SP continued.

A gas grenade forced the shooter out of the room making it possible for police to arrest him. The police rescued a total of 8 individuals including the hostages and six others who took shelter in another room due to firing.

The shooter was arrested along with the weapon he used to kill his mother and wife. the whole operation took two hours as police wanted to arrest the gunman alive.

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