Reasons why students’ week is important at college


We have a very short attention span. We need to have something crispy every now and then to stay active. The same is the case with the students at college or universities. We always need to have some recreational activity and leisure time to party or enjoy with our friends. This is the time we can give to our students through students’ week or sports week. Here are the reasons we need to have these weeks.

As we earlier mentioned that we have less attention span, so we need some leisure time to spend with our friends partying or eating. In the students’ week, usually there are food stalls, games and so much one can look forward to. Therefore, when students do not have that pressure of studying and preparing for exams, they feel the happiness which is the main objective of students’ week.

Moreover, it helps all of us a lot in breaking the monotony of life. Students have the same boring routine. They go to school and attend their classes, study and get lectures and go back to their home. This same routine can never make them interested in learning new things in life. However, we need to have events or sports gala in the college to gain the attention and interest of students.

The students’ week has many competitions and segments. There are drama competitions, singing, debates, painting and a lot of physical games. Such events help the students to take part in them and showcase their talent. Also, winning prizes can boost up their morale. Whereas, the one who loses, tries harder to win. This is how events can increase the potential of students.

Another important benefit of events is the monetary gains. When we organize any event, we get sponsors and money. We can earn through the stalls of food, games and all. Therefore, we need to have more events in our college or universities to help students learn with entertainment.

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