Remembering the Veteran Rangeela on his 83rd birthday


We are again here to remember the finest comedian of Pakistan, Rangeela on his 83rd birth anniversary. He was born on 1st January 1937 in the Nangarhar Province of Afghanistan. Also, we celebrate his death anniversary on 24th May every year. He died in the year 2005 at the age of 68. With his acting, Mohammad Saeed Khan has won the hearts of his fans by managing to make everyone laugh.

Early life and career

The veteran Pakistani film actor, Rangeela is known to be the king of comedy in Pakistan. The real name of Rangeela is Mohammad Saeed Khan Rangeela. He was born in Afghanistan and then moved to Peshawar. Rangeela was an actor, a singer, producer and director. However, he was also interested in bodybuilding and workout. He soon left Peshawar and moved to Lahore to try his luck in the Pakistani film industry.

At Lahore, obviously he had to earn his livelihood as no one gets work only by going to some place. Therefore, he began to paint the billboards for film industry in Lahore to earn money. He got a chance into films by chance. His luck turned in his favor. Rangeela was present at the shoot of film where they needed an actor for a comic character. The director called Rangeela for the role and he did it. Not only he did it, but he surprised everyone with his acting. From there, his acting career began.


Mohammad Saeed Khan Rangeela worked in the field of film industry for almost four decades from 1950s to 1990s. he began his career in the industry when Pakistani film industry was enjoying its golden age. Rangeela worked in nearly 300 films but played only as a comedian. Also, he directed and produced films. He also sang the playbacks for films and wrote a few.

As an actor

Rangeela made his professional debut as an actor in the cinematic film “Jatti” in 1958. The film was produced by Malik Mubarak Ahmad and directed by M.J Rana. After this, he gave many hit films to his audience. In 1964, his another film “gehra daagh” released. It was a social film produced and directed by B.A Malik and Ashfaq Malik respectively. Next year, film “Malangi” came to the screens.

In 1979, the film “maula jatt” released which is highly successful film. Rangeela was also the part of this film. It depicted the cruel reality of feudal system in Pakistan. Yonus Malik and Sarwer Bhatti directed and produced the film respectively. The film celebrated its diamond jubilee in the cinemas which is again a huge success. Rangeela played the double characters in the films Madam Bowery, Rangeeley Jasoos, International Guerillas and Abdullah the great.

As a director and producer

In 1969, Rangeela created his production firm with the name “Rangeela Production”. He did so that he could produce his own films. Under the production, he not only produced films, but directed, sang playbacks and wrote scripts as well. After creating his own production, he produced his first film “Diya aur toofan”. The film was his directorial and singing debut as well. Also, he acted in his own film too. The film has a beautiful storyline. Rangeela wrote and sang the song for this film called “Gaa Meray Manwa Gaata Jaa Re”.

In the next year, he directed and produced the film “Rangeela”. He also wrote the script of this film by himself. His other films including Aurat raj, talking about radical feminism, Kubra Ashiq, Dil aur dunia, meri mohabbat tere hawale, ganwaar, raja rani and quli were among his best productions.

As payback singer

Mohammad Saeed Khan’s debut film as playback singer was “Diya aur Toofan”. He sang for the film along with acting, directing and producing it. In 1973, he sang for the film “Insaan aur Gadha”. He also acted in this film. In 1979, he sang for Aurat raj and then for Do Rangeeley.

As a writer

Rangeela wrote the script for a few films including “Rangeela” in 1970 and “Aurat Raj” in 1979. He is also considered to be the best communicator in entire Asia.


Mohammad Saeed Khan Rangeela was the finest comedian of Pakistani film industry till now. He received many awards for his outstanding performance and services in the field. He received Nigar award for 11 times for his performance in different films as best comedian, best screenwriter, best story-writer, best director, for different films. Also, he got the Presidents’ award Pride of Performance in 2005 for his contributions to the film industry.

Marital life

Mohammad Saeed Khan married three times. He had six sons and eight daughters. One of his daughters is the PML Councilor. His other daughter is the CPA accountant in America. His sons also acted in few films.


On 24th May 2005, at the age of 68, the veteran actor of Pakistan left us all in grief and sorrow. He died due to cardiac arrest. However, he suffered from so many other problems as well. He had aggravated liver and kidneys. Moreover, he had enlarged heart as well. His lungs also had a lot of water which the doctors extracted. Therefore, he died because of so many diseases.

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