Sarmad Khoosat has once again touched the taboos of society

Sarmad Khoosat

Sarmad Khoosat has come up with a great and grand but low-budget film. The film “Zindagi Tamasha” is going to be an outclass and finest film of his career so far. The film is written by Nirmal Bano, who is a young girl recently graduated from NCA. The direction and production of the film has been one by Sarmad himself. He has released the trailer of the film and it will hit the screens of our cinemas on 24th January. We have seen everyone waiting anxiously for this film. This is so because it has the beautiful content and story line. The film is not like our formula films. Also, it does not revolve around the love story or any other ordinary story. It has an exceptional story with powerful message.

Sarmad Khoosat said that they have made the film in Punjabi language to make it authentic. In Punjabi language, one can show the real emotions and can deliver real context. Therefore, the dialogues might be pinching to some people because they are made so to show the bitter realities of our society. However, they are definitely not for the sake of creating sensation. In the film, Sarmad has also tried to represent Lahore in a very unique manner. He represented Lahore as an entire character.

The story revolves around an old man “Rahat” who does hymnody praising the Prophet (PBUH) and runs a real estate agency. His wife is sick and bedridden. Therefore, Rahat manages everything in his house and his work as well. Additionally, he has a hidden passion for dancing like a woman. He always wants to follow his passion and one day he gets a chance. In the film, we will find him doing a sexiest dance in front of his friends. Someone among the them makes his video and uploads it on social media. Soon after that, the video goes viral and the life of a noble person changes as people began to judge him just for his act. No one understands his passion but his wife. But this has nothing to do with his image which has already ruined.

There is a lot to learn about, from this film. Firstly, it tells us the power and misuse of social media. We could have done something good for people by using social sites but we don’t. we can well see in the film that how just one post has destroyed the reputation of a noble person. Also, the film hits us with the intolerance we have these days. We have lost all our patience. We have become intolerant. If I have an opinion, that’s my opinion. If next person has an opinion, it’s his. Who am I to force him to think like I think. Everyone has brain, everyone has the power and ability to think. Then why do we always try to impose on others to think and behave as we want?

Moreover, the Sarmad Khoosat film also tells us not to follow extremism. We need to give people margin of being a human. Its fine if someone wants to do something. Its completely fine. We should let people live. This can only happen when we will start accepting that everyone is responsible for what mess he does to his life. We have nothing to do with others’ life. So let them do what they want and let them explore. But no! we always get to the extreme and label them with blames. This is how everyone begins to believe on the blame someone has put on someone just because of some personal dispute.

Not only this, the film “zindagi Tamasha” by Sarmad Khoosat has more to go. It also tries to remove the stereotypes from the society. We have associated some roles with every gender and every age. The film tries to eliminate them in a very fine manner. What if someone is old? Has his heart died? No, he is still alive and he still has feelings. His heart can still want to do something. But people kill their drams and desires just because the roles we have associated to them. In the film, the old man wanted to dance then what’s wrong in it? Why do we always do age shaming! The only thing we need to do is to accept that everyone has the right equal to us to live.

The film also shows a chunk that when we try to show the real face of society, people always react. They disagree with us or get angry on telling truth. A scene from the trailer can well define this situation. Molvi Rahat asks the other person that what about those Molvis who are involved in child molestation? The next person couldn’t tolerate it and reacted.

The last but not the least, the film talks about a very real issue. It’s about blasphemy. Now a days, we only put a blame of blasphemy on the people we have some personal clashes with. We are doing injustice with the God as well. We kill people just because we consider that he has said a word about our religion without any proof. However, our religion has never taught us to kill someone. God has taken the responsibility of saving Islam and Quran Himself. Then who are we to kill someone just because *we think* that he has said something bad about Prophet or God.

In the era of Prophet (PBUH), people hurt our Prophet badly, even he began to bleed. But our Prophet never thought something bad about them. Similarly, we have heard the story of a woman who used to throw garbage on Prophet (PBUH) every day. But our beloved Prophet never uttered a word to her. This is our religion, this is Islam. Think, what we have made it today.

The film is so lit that it has already received an award before its release. The 24th Busan International Film Festival took place in Busan, Korea, from 3rd October to 12th October. On the event, the film “zindagi Tamasha” got Kim Jiseok Award. The Jury commented “The Kim Jiseok Award goes to the Pakistani film, Circus of Life directed by Sarmad Khoosat for showing the fragility of privacy for human beings in the double faced modern-traditional society as well as its fluent control on the narrative”.

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