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Student Solidarity March or Hidden Agenda? Supporters versus Critics


As earlier reported large numbers of participants came out in the whole country for a Student Solidarity March. The march was quite successful in the country as students from different cities participated.

The much-hyped rally was in the top trending topics of Pakistan on the Social Networking Site (SNS) twitter. whether the positive or negative feedback, we must acknowledge the revolutionary wave it made on Social Media and other platforms.

One of those acts was about representing a nation that’s blindly following the path of its powerhouses and authorities. The video below zooms on a man kneeling on the ground and crawling with others behind him. Even though the man is in the front but ironically is blindfolded and has become a puppet to those who have the power and control. the performance was a satirical and critical portrayal of the paralyzed society of the capitalist system prevailing.

Street Theater at Students Solidarity March Islamabad

A short clip from @Laal Hartaal's street theater performance 'Student hoon Janaab' at the Students Solidarity March in Islamabad.

Posted by PRSF Islamabad-Rawalpindi on Friday, 29 November 2019

The video quickly became the topic of discussion as the supporters of the Student Union and the demonstrations shared the images with their perspective. Later people took the images out of context and misinterpreted the purpose that resulted in a war between the SNS users.

Some suspected a foreign agenda behind the whole ordeal.

This one got quite confused with the still image and did not want to associate with it further.  

And this one brought a whole new theory without trying to understand the context of the image.

Meanwhile, the supporters of the rally shared some other footage from around the country.

Jibran Nasir shared his views on the importance of the student solidarity march and the revival of student unions.

Comment down and share with us what you think of this initiative.


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