The Vocal Actress Voices Another Issue Of Not Being Judgmental


We live in a society where we think it’s important to poke our nose into others’ matters. Also, we always become judgmental of what others do. If we see someone enjoying his life, we will surely have queries about what’s good in his life. In the same regard, we try our very best to make someone unhappy. Is this something worth it? Should we always keep an eye on other’s life? It’s wrong! We should always mind our own business. But HAHA, how can we?

Recently, we saw a video rolling on the internet in which girls have seen dancing in the ‘all-girls’ party or some event. Hence, someone put this video in a bracket of right or wrong just to get retweets and likes. This is so because there’s nothing bad seen in the video.

On seeing this, our vocal actress, Mehwish Hayat could resist speaking up for this matter. She instantly calls this act a shame. She believes that we should respect someone’s privacy. If girls are enjoying and dancing in an ‘all girls’ event then there’s no wrong in it. But we, being so judgmental, never stop to hate.

Mehwish replied that let the girls have fun without being judged. She said ‘It is a shame in today’s day and age that nowhere and nothing remains private. Let these girls have fun in the knowledge that they can do so in privacy without judgment.’

Today, the internet has given voices to everyone. People use their voices hardly for some issue actually matters but for spreading hatred among people. Moreover, cyberbullying has become a very common issue in this social media era. There are few people who raise their voices for such real problems. We all have our own lives. God gave us life it means that He gave us the freedom to live it the way we like without other’s interference. We need to rethink and unlearn our old concepts. Its high time to change ourselves.

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