Till Passow from Germany has the solution for the gloom of Film Festivals

Film Festivals

We have seen a revival in the Pakistani film industry in the recent years. Some of the films are really appreciating but others are just a waste of money. However, we need to have some solution for the exceptional creation of films. The visiting film maker from Germany Till Passow came up with the solution. Recently, he visited Pakistan and gave his opinion about overcoming the darkness of cinema in Pakistan. He said “The major thing missing in Pakistan are serious film festivals. There were some film festivals in the past but there is nothing like that right now”. Here, he referred to Kara Film Festival.

Talking about the film screening event, he said “You have the Goethe Institute that screens films every Sunday. It is great that this [facility] is there, but this cannot, of course, replace a film festival”. Till Passow said that we have a lot of new programs related to film studies but, we don’t teach our students to sell ideas and pitch films. Passow wants to teach film makers to secure money or funds for the films.

Passow said “In Pakistan, you do not have the possibility that you get money from the government. So this option [of securing money from governments] is not there, hence you need to get money from abroad to make films, or you need to find sponsors which are also difficult, especially if you are talking about art films and not the mainstream films”.

The German Till Passow is an award winning film maker. He made the documentary on the Sufis of Sindh. Related to this, he said “I also went to Bhit Shah for the [annual] mela. I realised Sehwan would be a wonderful place to make a film on Sufi culture in Pakistan. That’s how I made Mast Qalandar”.

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